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4 inch Deepwell Submersible Pump


- Groundwater supply to waterworks

- Irrigation in horticulture and agriculture

- Groundwater lowering

- Pressure boosting

- Industrial applications

- Water treatment

Technical Data

- Capacity: up to 27 m3/h

- Head: up to 330 meters

- Power: 0.37Kw (1/2HP) to 7.5Kw (10HP)

- Power supply: single-phase 230V±10%, 50Hz. 220V±10%,
  60Hz three- phase 230V±10%, 50Hz.220V±10%, 60Hz
  three-phase 400V±10%, 50Hz. 380V±10%, 60Hz

- Water temperature: up to 35ºC

- The solids in the water is less than 0.02%(heavy proportion)

- PH: 6.5-8.0

- Maximum immersion depth: 350 meters

Features & Benefits

- Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials for long life
  Impellers, diffuser, and check valve are techno polymer for

- Specific impeller material selection ensures optimal performance in
   sandy bores

- 2,3,4 & 6m3/h models feature independently floating centrifugal (radial)   impellers to provide easy starting and long life-automatically adjusting to    match pumping conditions for various application

- 10m3/h models feature locked stack partial mixed flow impellers with open    waterways to provide easy starting and long life

- Heavy duty stainless steel outer shell providing protection and accurate    alignment of internal components

- High quality shaft bearing providing low friction and high wear resistance

- Strong hexagonal stainless steel drive shaft ensures positive impeller drive    and longer life

- Standard 2 pole speed motor (2850rpm) limits internal velocities for life

- Single phase pump with control box with capacitor and thermal device


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