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4Inch Deepwell SS Submersible Pump


Stainless Steel construction designed for years of trouble free operation. Close coupled to NEMA standard submersible motor. Designed for flow rates upto 14m3/h & head upto 300 meters.

- Groundwater supply to waterworks

- Irrigation in horticulture and agriculture

- Groundwater lowering

- Pressure boosting

- Industrial applications

- Water treatment


- Capacity: upto 20m3/h

- Head: up to 300 meters

- Power: 0.37Kw (1/2HP) to 7.5Kw (10HP)

- Power supply : single - phase 230V±10%, 50Hz. 220V±10%
 60Hz three - phase 230V±10%, 50Hz. 220V±10%, 60Hz    three - phase 400V±10%, 50Hz. 380V±10%, 60Hz

- Water temperature: up to 35ºC

- Maximum immersion depth: 350 meters

Features & Benefits

- Stainless impeller and diffuser ensures optimal performance in sandy wells

- High quality shaft bearings providing low friction and high wear resistance

- Built-in check valve prevent back flow

- Strong stainless steel splined drive shaft ensures positive impeller drive
   and longer life

- Standard 2 pole speed motor (2850rpm) limits internal velocities
   for longer life

- Single phase pump with control box with capacitor and thermal protection


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