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Single Centrifugal Pumps - CMH


The CMH series pumps consists of a single centrifugal impeller, These pumps have an essential form and are the result of precise design choices, are made to obtain specific performance characteristics. The impeller, mounted on the end of the motor shaft, faces directly the suction opening machined in the pump. The shape of the impeller transmit a radial motion to the fluid from the center outwards, with minimum hydraulic loss. The blades inside the impeller channel transfer energy to the fluid both in the form of pressure and increase speed. After leaving the fluid passes to the volute and tapered diffuser which transform part of the kinetic energy into pressure energy.

Performance Range

- Flow rate up to 160/min (3.6 m'/h)

- Dynamic head up to 46m


- Casing in CI/Impeller in Bronze, Stainless steel (optional)

- Shaft in SS 303 & Mechanical seal in Carbon/ Ceramic/NBR

Technical Data

- TEFC 2 pole motor with Insulation Class F

- Protection degree IP54/IP55

- I-230 V+/-10% 50HZ, 3-230/400V+/-10% 50HZ

- Permanent split capacitor and automatic thermal overload for

  single phase version

- Thermal protection to be provided by the user for three phase version

Operating Limits

- Suction lift up to 7m

- Fluid temperature up to +60ºC

- Maximum ambient temperature +40ºC


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