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Induction Motor


AEV series motors are totally enclosed fan cooled cast iron three-phase squirrel cage induction motors to meet IE 2 standard. The feature of AEV series motors is high efficiency and starting torque The rated output and the mounting dimensions are fully conformed to the standard IEC and DIN 42673. The motors are suitable for driving various kinds of machines and equipments without special requirements.

Specifications Features

- Rated voltage                :  380V/660V or on request

- Rated frequency            :  50Hz or 60Hz

- Connection                    :  Star-connection for 3KW or less,
                                           delta-connection for 4KW or more

- Duty/Rating                   :  Continuous(S1

- Insulation class              :  F

- Protection class             :  The main body of the motor is IP54,
                                            terminal box reaches IP55

- Cooling method             :  IC411 (cooled by SELF-FAN)

- Ambient temperature     :  -15℃~40℃

- Altitude                          :  not exceeding 1000meters above sea level

- Relative humidity           :  less than 90%


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